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About Jess Diamond

Jess Diamond is a Certified Life and Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer who has helped over 100 young professionals learn how to “adult” and navigate the experiences that come with this phase of life. With her Signature Own Your Life Coaching Program, Jess helps twenty-somethings handle the working world, feel like a fully functioning adult, and find their reason for existing on this planet.


After losing her corporate job during the pandemic and finding her passion, Jess realized the 9-5 world wasn’t for her, so she decided to risk her stability and pursue her entrepreneurial journey. She now helps her clients to get their life together, gain clarity in what they want, and figure out what it means to own their life.


Outside of her Life and Nutrition Coaching business, Jess is a motivational speaker, has been featured on numerous podcasts, and is the host of her own podcast, How To Twenty-Something. She loves building her business and changing the way younger generations think and behave, while still experiencing life as a twenty-something living in a city.

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