Client Testimonials

This is what investing in yourself looks like:

“I used to struggle with habits, consistency, as well as creating a goal for myself but not changing anything to actually achieve it. I knew I needed more guidance, assistance, and motivation to help me reach my goals faster and healthier.

I worked with Jess in the gym and online and she always brought a sense of realness to our sessions of ‘okay you want these things, but if you continue on this track, you won’t get them’ and she helped me create a lifestyle that does move me forward.

She taught me about mindful habits from nutrition to sleep to fitness and how it all impacts my personal life

The four most significant results I experienced from coaching with Jess is awareness around my self-image and internal dialogue, and consistency when it comes to food and movement; not reaching a ‘screw it’ mentality anymore that would otherwise cause me to go off the rails; my relationship with food improved where I’m not afraid of certain food groups and you need to feed your body to help your brain, mental health, sleep, and performance; she also helped me loosen the control the number on the scale had on me and focus on more important factors.

What I loved most about coaching with Jess is how she brought her kindness, education, and tough love all together and was consistent about it. She was always an “authentic bad ass” and she proved to me that it’s okay to ask for help!”

Maria, 34

“Before I began working with Jess, I didn’t understand what proper nutrition meant and thought overdoing cardio would get me the results I was after.

Jess taught me the importance of taking in the appropriate amount of protein, being consistent with my food intake, exercise, and sleep; and why I need to lift weights to reach my goals.

The three biggest results I experienced from her coaching are having more muscle (bigger butt), better eating habits, and having balance in my life.

I used to restrict and binge, have constant cravings, and was in an all or nothing mindset, but now I have fewer cravings, balance with food, fitness, sleep, and life, and know when to give myself grace.

What I loved most about coaching with Jess is she kept me on track and held me accountable to what I said I wanted. I always ended calls feeling positive and with new perspective!

If you feel stuck in your life or have trouble seeing progress, coaching with Jess would be a good idea.

Haley, 28

“I used to struggle with the city of Charlotte [moving to a new city]; anxiety about my in-laws, communication, goal setting, defining a sense of purpose; my own self-worth; daily routine; and overeating and drinking.

Through working with Jess, I learned how to apply good eating and drinking habits; a morning and evening routine that works for me; the qualities I admire in others are ones I see in myself; there’s always a loophole where both parties win; everyone needs options; podcasts aren’t enough to improve your life – you actually have to do the work.

I have experienced so many amazing results and benefits from coaching with Jess such as improved communication and boundaries in my relationships, life is more than how you make money [my career used to be my whole world]; the value I have in community and serving/helping others – and when I don’t have that in my life, my sense of purpose isn’t as high.

I loved Jess’s ability to laugh with me; pick up the phone when I call when I’m in a panic fight or flight situation, and she’s always ready to give me a solution!

Julia, 30

“Before working with Jess, I struggled with routine, stress management, cravings and poor diet, expectations I impose on myself, direction in my life (steer a ship through these waters), and intentionality with my workouts.

She taught me so much. How to manage my cravings and portion out food; communicate better with my significant other in a more meaningful and worth it way; figure out what a path forward should be; come up with a map for a job search; get excited about things that I wouldn’t typically consider wins; take a little weight off my shoulders and approach things from a new angle.

The three most significant results I’ve experienced from working with Jess are improvements in my mindset, my habits and approach to them, and how I manage relationships with others.

I loved being coached by her, mostly I loved her ability to listen, what a pleasure she is to talk to – and that I looked forward to talking with her, and having her as someone who helps me work through things and create actionable items around those things.”

Will, 25

“I used to be anxious, constantly doubted myself, repeated bad situations in my life, approached everything from an all or nothing standpoint, and was extremely inconsistent with my health. After working with Jess, I learned that it’s now or never to take care of yourself and how to be aware of all of your decisions and what is best for you in that moment and for your future self.

Now, I am taking different approaches to everything in my life, shifted my mindset, and overall believe this experience has changed my journey and the trajectory of the rest of my life. I had a toxic mindset going into this and I am proud of the changes I’ve made and the actions I’ve taken. Jess believed in me and was in on helping me. I can’t imagine where I’ll be a year from now; but I’m excited for it!”

Zac, 29

Please note that a few months after working with Jess, Zac received a promotion at work, bought his own place, and has continued to create balance in his social life, work life, and health. He’s in the best shape he’s ever been in during his adult life and has more energy as a result!

“Before working with Jess, I struggled with life.

She taught me how to reach out to old passions and refind my creative side with imagination exercises, journaling, and coloring. She showed me how to apply little things I used to enjoy as tools, rather than just fun activities.

Some significant results I experienced from being coached by Jess include learning how to retrain my brain to prevent it from wandering and to have her as a great person to talk to and come up with solutions together, as a team.

What I loved most about working with Jess was her ability to envision a plan. I’m very future oriented, but I don’t come up with a plan. She came up with a structure for me, so I don’t just have a freak out.”

Cassidy, 19

“Jess taught me that putting myself first doesn’t necessarily mean putting others behind, but that by putting myself first, I can then deliver more to others.

The 3 most significant results I’ve experienced from coaching with her are how to relax throughout the day and while eating, new habits that help me feel less sluggish and have less stomach acid, and how to prioritize my day (developing a better gym and time relationship).”

Hugh, 24

Before coaching with Jess, I struggled with yo-yo dieting, falling off track with my own health goals and calling a quits, working out inconsistently, and frequent negative self-talk. 

She taught me how important it is to listen to my body, that I’m capable of accomplishing all of my goals, and how to be patient and kind with myself.

Before the first program even finished I am proud of shifting my perspective and mindset. I’m feeling miles away from where we first started and I started dancing again, which is huge. I lost ten pounds since working with Jess and even had fun going dress shopping.

The biggest thing has been the mental shift – and now I have come to realize that my life becomes what I want it to be when I put the effort in!

Nicole, 24

“Jess helped me become consistently more active, develop a healthier sleep schedule, and make better choices of food that make me feel more energized.

What I loved most about coaching with Jess is how understanding and forgiving she is if there is a mishap or something. She helped coach me through my obstacles in a very understanding and compassionate way.”

Syd, 18

“Before coaching with Jess I struggled with self-confidence, portion control, and self-discipline.

Jess taught me certain tools and habits to prevent me from self sabotaging and throwing in the towel when I’m off a routine. Even the little habits that we created together have made the world of a difference.

If you get the chance to work with Jess, you need to take it, she’s worth every penny!”

Raphael, 34

“I used to struggle with drinking water, consistent protein intake, mapping out priorities of lifting vs cardio, understanding the need and quality of protein intake, and being mindful of when to rest.

Jess taught me all of those things.

The most significant results I’ve experienced from working with her are intentionality in my diet and hydration and the importance of stretching (and actually applying it).

What I loved most from coaching with her is her consistency on celebrating victories, extreme accountability, her ability to listen to me, and how she never tried to push information, but listened and consulted accordingly.”

Rodrigo, 25

“I used to be inconsistent, never made good goals for myself, had no awareness as to what I was putting into my body and how I was feeling.

After working with Jess, I can now proudly say that I have a better understanding of how to structure my time, goals, and effort; working on going to the gym and being proud of going and not needing to work out really hard; and understanding my protein, carbs, and fats and how to gradually get there.

What I loved most from my time with her were her suggestions; starting every call with wins, her unique approach and feedback towards accomplishing my goals and overcoming any obstacles or setbacks; taking it step by step and being proud of what I accomplished; and making small, doable goals that lead to the bigs ones for the future!”

Sam, 24

“When I first started working with Jess, I had just begun a brand new job with long shifts that were mentally and physically exhausting. I didn’t know how to make it to the gym or how to manage this new stress in my life.

Jess provided me with a different approach to working out, eating, and having a plan in the gym so I don’t overtax my body. She showed me how to make my mornings easier and my nutrition journey more feasible, as well as what I should be doing to support where I want to go.

What I loved most from my time with her is how personable she is and understanding of my difficulties, barriers, and what I was going through. We went through my struggles together because we started this journey when I started my new work journey and she was able to adapt to what I was going through and shift gears accordingly.”

Dr. Raul, 26

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