Building Better Boundaries

A 1 hour FREE Webinar for young professionals who are ready to stop people pleasing and start respecting their relationships, while still respecting themselves.

Join me as I show you the different types of boundaries, why it’s important to have them, and how to begin setting them!

Tuesday, March 21st at 8:00pm EST on Zoom!

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Who should take part in this webinar?

If you answer yes to any of the following:

  • You identify as a young professional
  • You say yes to others, regardless of your own agenda
  • You spare other people’s feelings in place of your own
  • You know you need to protect yourself from unnecessary conflicts or wasted time
  • You find yourself upset after speaking with a certain person, most of the time
  • You have not mastered balancing your time with the people you care about
  • You feel uncomfortable putting your foot down
  • You want to improve your life experience
  • You don’t like confrontation
  • You experience FOMO – even if it’s something you don’t want to do

Boundaries are hard. They require you to stand your ground at the possible expense of hurting someone else’s feelings. But what if I told you, your relationships would be more respected and your life would be more peaceful, all because you spoke up and set a boundary?

I know that heart racing, palm sweating, throat closing feeling that occurs when you are about to speak up for yourself.

I’ve been there myself.

It’s a normal bodily response to leaving your comfort zone. I also know all the good that happens when you express your needs and wants, and that’s primarily what I want to teach you.

As a young professional, you may find yourself suffering from workplace boundaries, conversation topics, people you no longer want to surround yourself with, and development in the self-respect realm.

I created this workshop because I hear my friends, clients, and family members complain about another person disrespecting their boundaries, and as a result, dampens the relationship they have together. However, if you are not vocal about what you want, then the other party has no idea they are doing something wrong. So, together we are going to go through the different areas boundaries typically pop up in, how to properly communicate your needs, and why it’s important for you to consistently do this.

P.S. Some boundaries can be silent – in that you set them personally and the other party has no idea.

By the end of the call you will...

  • Understand the different types of boundaries you can set amongst different areas in your life
  • Know how to slowly begin incorporating boundaries in your life and relationships
  • Have a clearly defined way to communicate what you want
  • Develop better knowledge around why it’s important to create boundaries
  • Be more aware as to where you want to focus your time and energy
  • Release the responsibility you hold to please those around you
  • Shift your mindset around prioritizing yourself

Why you should trust me...

Hi, I’m Jess Diamond and I am a Certified Life and Nutrition Coach. I help young professionals get their shit together so they can have the confidence and life they always imagined in their twenties.

I hacked the life cheat code and want to teach other young professionals how to do it, within the context of their life and their goals. 

I know it’s not easy adjusting to life post college, putting on your grown up pants, and facing the real world with practically zero training or insight. Your body isn’t bouncing back the way it used to, your parents can’t call in sick for you, and it’s entirely up to you to take control of your life. I want to help you gain clarity in the direction you want to be headed and the life you want to have. 

So, join me as I teach you a crucial part of “adulting” – setting boundaries.

Details Summarized:

Who: Anyone who identifies as a young professional

What: A life coaching call centered around boundary types and implementation

Where: on zoom!

When: Tuesday, March 21st from 8-9pm EST

Why: Because your life is not as enjoyable when you don’t create appropriate boundaries

Misc: There will be a worksheet included that Jess will guide you through over the course of the call

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